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· Omaha, Nebraska
Employment Type Full-Time

We believe the insurance industry is behind the times, and is overdue for some slick technology upgrades. Breeze's mission is to turn the traditional paper application and underwriting processes for insurance into a digital experience. We built our technology to provide the flexibility of filling out an application without having to... well, fill out an application. 

We are currently looking for highly talented and motivated people to help us get to the next level. We are specifically looking for a Front-End Engineer who can help us craft our front-end to be as awesome as possible.

Our Dev Team

  • Builds .NET Core and Angular apps that live on Azure
  • Believes in writing top-notch, well-tested code
  • Loves to give and receive feedback
  • Plans what and how we're going to code a feature before we code it
  • Works together and has each others' backs
  • Appreciates thoughtful design from the UI to the database


  • Love to code. Obviously, this is a requirement for the job. If you don't love it, then this isn't the right place for you. We want you to nerd out with us about the details of our stack.
  • Have a minimum of 2 years experience. We are specifically looking for someone who can get up to speed quickly, and who requires little to no hand holding to do their job. We value engineers who are curious and willing to solve their own problems, but still know when to ask for help.
  • Are intrigued by tough problems. Critical thinking and problem solving is a must-have skill for this position; when complicated problems are put in front you, we need to be able to trust that you’ll find a solution. Most of what you will do will require you not only to figure out what you need to build, but also how to do it in a testable, maintainable, and efficient way. You will be required to identify, assess, and decide on trade-offs of your approach.
  • Have experience with web technologies. Experience using at least one major front-end framework (React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.) is required. We use Angular on most of our projects, but previous Angular experience is not required as long as you have an open mind and willingness to learn. Experience with TypeScript, SCSS, state management libraries (Redux, NgRx, Rxjs, etc.), and build tools (webpack, gulp, etc.) are preferred.
  • Have excellent CSS and HTML skills. Being detail-oriented when translating mockups to working UI and component interactions is required. Our designers work hard to create beautiful mockups, and our customers expect a great experience while using our products. We need someone with a strong eye to see all the details of our designs and who’s comfortable working with our designers to make sure the tiny details are implemented correctly.
  • Have written your fair share of automated tests. Automated tests keep us sane, and some experience with testing frameworks (Karma, Jest, etc.) is required.
  • Like to build clean, performant apps. Users hate to wait for an app to respond, and our CTO hates messy, unmaintainable code. We believe both of those things can be avoided if the team strives for the same standards. Since our team is growing, you will have an opportunity to help us craft and follow those standards as we grow.
  • Possess excellent written and verbal skills. Whether you're writing an email, chatting with a team member, or explaining a bug to our CEO, you will need to be able to communicate clearly. Language allows the entire team to get and remain on the same page, so this is a required skill.


  • Will give you what you need. We believe you just want to do your job, so we'll do our best to give you what you need, and then get out of your way. Here are some of the perks you'll have: a shiny new laptop, an unlimited vacation policy (just don't abuse it), ability to work remote whenever you want, casual dress code, quarterly team dinners (well, once COVID is over), and a beer/wine/whatever fridge, among other things.
  • Promises to challenge you. We believe we're building some cool things, and cool things aren't built without a challenge.
  • Is extremely data-driven. We love data, and we're constantly checking our key metrics to make sure we're building the right things. We utilize dashboards, analytics tools, etc. in our decision-making process. It guides just about everything we do and build.
  • Wants to hire you. If you've made it this far and think this is the job for you, then why haven't you hit that apply button yet?!

Diversity at Breeze

Breeze is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and inclusion. We want you to be you, and we'll love you for it.

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